Residential design has always been our main focus area since our start. We follow a simple design process from the start till the end which emphasizes Function, Aesthetics, and usability of a space.


Commercial space is built by the product and the brand name. We believe in preserving your brand names and making sure to bring the importance of your brands through our designs. Our main focus is to make sure that our commercial spaces stand out from others.


We make sure that your offices are ALIVE and the users are having a good time with collaborative spaces and a healthy work environment. Our primary focus is function followed by user comfort

Landscape Design

services believe in “The good building is not one that hurts the landscape, but one which makes the landscape more beautiful than it was before the building was built.”

This is reflected in our Landscape designing. We have a team of expert

Living room

Living rooms should be attractive and comfortable, as they are often the most important part of a house. Team smart kitchen lounge has plenty of beautiful living room designs to choose from, and we tailor each design to fit your space and budget. We understand that your living room is important to you, so we take care in creating the perfect design for you.

Our designers can give your living room a modern, on-demand traditional look. The entertainment unit is an important part of the modern family, and we take every accessory into account when designing your living room. This way, you can spend a healthy time in your living room.


Team smart kitchen lounge living room has the know-how to layout lovely bedrooms with fashionable colors and sample combos with suitable furnishings and smart completing touches. Our bedroom designs aren’t the simplest smooth and modern, however, additionally the simplicity of a cutting-edge room promotes an experience of tranquility and therefore a pleasing sleep. 

 A bedroom may be a conundrum for folks that like a swish cutting-edge aesthetic bedroom layout. How can we make an area that’s inherently complete of pillows and tender bedding? Fortunately, it’s now no longer an insurmountable dilemma; a clever kitchen and living room will assist you with all of the suggestions to pick the cutting-edge bedroom designs which you want to distinguish your own home from your friends and neighbors’ houses.

Kids bedroom

Kids are the happy soul of the home we can’t exclude. They need a special design interior for their comfort. They will always love to spend time in their room. We believe they will call their friend and enjoy their happy time in their bedroom. It is always our goal to design your kid’s room so they will feel special every day, that they will dream big, that they enjoy their leisure time, and that they can concentrate on their studies while they are in it. 

However, if you want to design a kid’s bedroom in a classic, modern, eclectic style, the smart kitchen lounge team gives a comfortable and customized interior for your lovable kid at the right price.

Pooja Unit

When you think of meditative spaces that can calm you, this is the best bet!. temple or Mandir is perfect for your home thanks to its sturdy structure with the gleaming polish and the dimensions that make it perfect for any corner. God is always in our hearts but in real your dream home is your heart. The place you give in your heart for God is the same place if it is in your real heart home then of course every day blessing of god with you and your dream space. 

Try today your customized pooja unit with our design expert.


The wardrobe is a collection of high-quality wardrobes. Wardrobes are manufactured  using the highest grade materials and the latest technology in our state-of-the-art  manufacturing unit. They have been designed to cater to the needs of today’s youth.

brief: The product is made from the best quality timber and nontoxic paint that makes it safe for use by your children

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